Martin Business Against Crime Western Cape (BACWC) is a non-profit Company, with a Section 18A status (i.e. donor funds are tax deductible by the donor organization) PBO No: 930010653, governed by a board of directors.

Should you be interested in supporting us in the fight against crime, albeit as a major sponsor or a minor contributor, kindly contact our office.

The organization was established by business in 1996 in response to a request from then President Nelson Mandela who invited business to join hands with Government in the fight against crime. It is a special purpose vehicle, with the sole mandate to engage and give support to Government on crime-related matters.

BACWC has two distinct roles. The first is to get business own house in order by eliminating crime-enabling processes, systems and approaches, and improving crime prevention measures within the control of business. The second is to partner with Government, when invited, by sharing expertise, information, processes and technologies resident in business.

These roles are fulfilled primarily by mobilizing business skills and resources in Government-defined areas of need, and the strategic alignment and coordination of business anti-crime strategies and priorities.

BACWC is totally reliant on the commitment and generosity of companies who provide financial and other support. Since its inception, Business Against Crime has supported Governments anti-crime efforts in a wide variety of areas across the Criminal Justice System as well as the business sector.


As part of the greater initiative BACWC has a co-operative agreement with BACSA to manage national projects being rolled out in the Western Cape. BACWC is mandated to partner with government in building capacity by sharing expertise, information, processes and technologies resident in business; and to get business own house in order by removing crime enabling processes, systems and approaches as well as improving crime prevention measures.

The past year has seen the organization continue in its role of being the most active of all the provincial entities. This was achieved by the effective management of various national projects at local level as well as the conceptualization and delivery on locally identified projects.



  • GrandWest Casino
  • Fidelity Security 
  • Insurance Crime Bureau
  • Spar Western Cape
  • Verifier
  • 45 Connections
  • DotK Production
  • Combined Private Investigations
  • Martin & East Construction 
  • Power Construction 
  • Asla Construction


  • Spar Western Cape
  • LDP
  • Nickay Productions


  • South African Police Service
  • City of Cape Town
  • British Consulate, Cape Town
  • Eskom
  • Telkom
  • Metrorail
  • Transnet
  • South African Federation of Civil Engineering Council
  • Nashua Tygerberg
  • Department of Community Safety Western Cape
  • Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Power Construction
  • Martin and East
  • ASLA
  • Spar Western Cape
  • Business Against Crime South Africa  
  • Consumer Goods Council of South Africa
  • South African Council of Shopping Centres
  • South African Property Owners Association
  • Cape Regional Chambers for Commerce and Industry
  • Department of Correctional Services
  • South African Government
  • Judicial Inspectorate
  • South African Tourism
  • South African Insurance Crime Bureau
  • Santam : Audit & Forensic Services
  • Western Cape Banking Forum
  • Western Cape Commercial Crime Forum
  • Director of Public Prosecutions Western Cape
  • University of the Western Cape
  • Nicro
  • The Trauma Centre
  • Nicdam